HPI Racing India HPI Baja 5SC
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HPI Racing India
HPI Racing India is now officially available in India. Customers will now have the complete HPI Range. The HPI Racing India will have all models in RTR (ready to run) and SS(super sport) kits that you can assemble part by part, replacement parts, optional parts, accessories, merchandise, optional car and truck bodies, Hot Bodies kits and accessories. HPI Racing Store will also provide services like tuning, repairs, advanced driving courses etc. Demo will also be available so that customers can try out the cars to make their decision.

Electric Off Road : Hpi Racing Mini Recon 2.4 Ghz | Hpi Racing Blitz 2.4Ghz
Nitro Off Road : HPI Savage X 4.6 RTR Monster Truck | HPI Bullet MT 3.0 | HPI Savage XL Monster Truck | HPI Bullet ST 3.0 | HPI Trophy 3.5 | HPI Trophy Truggy 4.6 |HPI Firestorm 10T | HPI Savage X SS Monster Truck | HPI Savage X SS (Without Engine) Monster Truck | HPI Savage 3.5 RTR Monster Truck
Nitro On Road : HPI 3 Evo + | HPI 3 Drift
Petrol Off Road : HPI Baja 2.0 5B with Radio System Buggy | HPI Baja 5T with radio system Buggy | HPI Baja 5b SS Buggy| HPI Baja 5SC
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